How to Spice Up Your Refrigerator. Literally.

Forty-five. That’s how many spices I had when I started this project. I’ve added a handful more since but, so far, phase 1 has been a success.


I live in a 968 square-foot townhome. Don’t be fooled… 68 of those feet are my stairs and landing which is unusable storage. My kitchen is galley-style with the following storage frustrations:


  1. There are no cabinets above the sink. Apparently a pendant lamp is an excellent use of space.
  2. There is a wine rack above the fridge. Let’s do some math.
    Heat exhaust from fridge + impossible to reach + wine that should be stored at around 65° F = absurd built in.
  3. The water heater and furnace are where cabinets would have been placed in a "functional world." Space planning was not our builder’s strong suit.
  4. There is no pantry. Instead, I used the hall closet for food storage and put hooks on the wall cubby by the stairs for coats. It’ll do… for now.


I do not believe most newlyweds consider what to do after all the wedding gifts pour in and the realization of, “Where do we put it all?” sets in. Half of my kitchen items reside in boxes we keep in our storage shed. I found homes for the must-have items in cabinets.


And then there are the spices.


How to organize spices


I’d been researching spice racks online and found the usual rotating counter racks, tiered cabinet shelves, cabinet door racks, etc. None of these would work with the number of spices and lack of space I have. Then I came across magnetic tins and my brain began to work on where I could slap some metal strips up in my kitchen. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I have no room on the walls either. Then I struck gold! I have an entire fridge made of metal just waiting for me to stick something to it.


The search for magnetic tins was on. I settled on some that were just over 3” in diameter with clear tops. I printed the spice names on some clear labels from my printer, alphabetized the canisters and voila!


How to organize spices


How to organize spices


I thought it was pretty cool. I can see the names clearly, get a quick view of how much of each spice I have left, and all of my previous mix and match spice containers got kicked to the curb. While it is not ideal to have your spices exposed to light for too long, I thought my spices would be fine since they spend 85% of the time in very little light.


My long term plan is to get these on magnetic strips on the backside of a pantry door. A walk-in pantry at that! A girl can dream.