Responsible Operations

In every product and decision we make, The Stow Company recognizes an opportunity and responsibility to improve the sustainability of our company, our community, and the world we share.

Keep it moving
We are always looking for new ways to keep things in use and out of the landfill. Today, that means…

  1. Nearly 94% of our total waste is recycled, and we recycle 100% of our scrap wood and wood fibers from products and packaging, metal, copper wire, and cardboard waste. We also recycle or refurbish for reuse all of our technology tools, and we invite our employees to bring old batteries, magazines and paper from home for recycling.
  2. 100% of our waste product resulting from cut closet rods is recycled. Over 95% of our packaging is made from recycled materials and 98% of our inbound cardboard from suppliers is recycled into packaging material onsite.
  3. The cardboard we use to package our products has over 25% recycled content.


Fit Facilities
Like you, we are also on the lookout for ways to save costs and keep a tidy home. Our dust-collection systems are state of the art to maintain healthy air quality for our employees. During the chilly Michigan winters, we recycle the warm air back into the Holland plant as heat, reducing our natural gas consumption by 50%.

Nearly 20 years ago, we integrated a pond into our landscaping to capture and naturally filter runoff from our roof and parking lots. We use the pond to irrigate our grounds and reduce the amount of water we use.

We’re also on a campaign to conserve energy through an efficient lighting system in our plant and offices. Our facility is illuminated by energy efficient fluorescents, reducing energy use for lighting by 80%.

Fit Family
We also care about our family’s health and encourage our employees to a lead healthy lifestyle. With a holistic approach to becoming more fit, our programs help improve people’s physical fitness, financial fitness, and improve the health of our community and the environment. Through individual and group activities, training, and contests, we make fitness fun for employees and their family.