The Stow Company
Feb 15, 2009

Save Fifteen Days a Year and Live Sustainably with Home Organization

Living in an organized home relieves stress, and saves time and money.

ORG Home ( – Homeowners interested in healthy living and sustainability have an easy and satisfying way to help reach those goals. Living in an organized home relieves stress, and saves time and money. It also eliminates the need to consume fuel and make wasteful purchases to replace misplaced items that a homeowner actually has at home.

A 2008 consumer study by the National Association of Professional Organizers found that more than half of respondents would save upwards of 16 minutes to one hour a day if they were more organized. That translates into anywhere from two to 15 days a year being wasted.

Imagine having 15 more days a year to spend doing what you enjoy the most. Living a more organized life not only saves time, it’s a better scenario for mental and physical health than chaotically triple-checking for a missing shoe in a closet, or hunting for something critically needed.

Homeowners that go from knowing “it’s somewhere,” to knowing “exactly where,” live a more efficient and less stressful lifestyle. “If you’re organized, you’re already thinking sustainably. Sustainability is ultimately a quest to live in a healthier household, community and global environment. Being organized is a good start towards achieving that goal and is an element of living sustainably that is often overlooked,” said Jon King, Design Manager at ORG Home, a company specializing in closet and home organization solutions.

The solutions from ORG Home create efficiency and save space in a homeowner’s closet, kitchen, garage, pantry, laundry and home office. The organization systems are custom-designed by ORG Home dealers to meet the homeowner’s exact organization requirements, and also their aesthetic needs with a range of styles and finishes.

Being organized can make a difference with something as simple as baking soda or cinnamon. It’s irritating to make a special trip to the store for something you discover wasn’t needed after all. With an organized pantry, you see what you need, so ingredients won’t be forgotten and won’t go to waste.

“By having a well designed space, you gain efficiency and ultimately there will be less waste,” King said. “It becomes easy to be a more intentional consumer – you can see what you have in your pantry, closet or garage for example, eliminating duplicate purchases. And by integrating organizing systems for recycling and charity donations, it makes the process simple and can become part of your daily or weekly routine.”

When it comes to building or buying a home, many families are choosing locations and attributes that help them be better environmental stewards – whether it’s energy reduction, green products, or appropriately-sized dwellings. “We are seeing a trend where people are downsizing and giving more consideration to the quality of the space versus the quantity,” King said. “Among other things, this is an effort to reduce costs, provide a communal lifestyle, and to be more sustainable.” Organization is critical for obtaining the most efficient use of space for smaller-footprint homes. Less material is needed to build these homes, and utility usage is reduced, which contributes to a more sustainable home.

While they provide solutions that deliver a greener lifestyle for homeowners, ORG Home organizing systems are manufactured with eco-friendly materials that are less impactful to the environment and healthier for homeowners. The ORG Home panels contain 100 percent recycled and/or recovered wood fibers, and are certified as compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) Phase I emission standards. ORG Home panels are Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) certified by the Composite Panel Association (CPA). In addition, ORG Home products offer a lifetime limited warranty and can be reconfigured and repurposed, but they won’t have to be replaced, thus reducing waste.

ORG Home and its parent company, The Stow Company, practice sustainability, recycling 93.5 % of total waste, using high-efficiency lighting and encouraging employees to bike to work and bring in material from home for recycling. The Stow Company also reduced its natural gas consumption by 50 percent by recycling warm air back into the plant through its dust-collection system. With a focus on health and sustainability, the company contributes to the community by donating time, product, and financial support to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Urban Youth Ministries, and Center for Women in Transition.

ORG Home products are available through a nationwide network of authorized dealers who provide design services, organization advice and professional installation. For more information or to locate an ORG Home dealer, visit or call 1-800-562-4257.