At The Stow Company, we love helping people establish more order in their lives with our smart storage solutions. We’ve been committed to helping families and organizations with their storage needs for over 25 years. We also enjoy giving back to communities, whether they’re right in our backyard, far away, or even online. That's why we started The Organized Give.

The Organized Give is a campaign that helps others by giving storage solutions to those in need. In addition, we provide a donation for a good cause. In January 2012, we kicked off this campaign by making a difference in the life of Anissa Mayhew and her family. Learn more about Anissa's story and her organizing challenges.


In March, we brought The Organized Give back to our neck of the woods – West Michigan – to help Kids’ Food Basket, a local non-profit organization that works tirelessly in the attack against childhood hunger.


Thank you for your support of The Organized Give! If you would like to engage in this campaign and spread the word about a great cause, simply copy the code below the badge of your choice and paste it onto your website!



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